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New Year, New Home

January 6, 2015

We moved!!! Well, not completely, but we are getting there. Life has been very hectic lately and it seems we take one step forward and two steps back when we try to do anything lately, but the biggest obstacle has been conquered: we have moved. We are at least living in our new digs. We still have stuff in our rental, but we have plans on getting out of there as quickly as possible.

My husband had pneumonia and was then upgraded to acute bronchitis. Now his mom is in the hospital with a life threatening infection. She had the same infection at Thanksgiving so luckily the doctors knew immediately how to treat her. The bad part is the infection may take longer to respond to the antibiotics. But I digress…..

I am a veteran….and I am living in the barracks! Really!!! My husband’s grandfather purchased part of a WWII Army barracks from Fort Gordon in the 1960’s and moved it to the lake. He, nor my husband’s dad, never updated the inside very much (they did put in a working toilet, running water and new windows about 20 years ago.) and on the outside they put vinyl siding, added a huge covered front porch and my husband’s mom and dad dug a basement. The basement isn’t enclosed, but it does have a nice cement floor.

My husband lost his dad in May last year. We started renovating in July. We didn’t have a lot of money and our initial plan was to do one bedroom and move in and renovate as we could save and pay cash for it. Our plans quickly changed. God blessed us. My husband is a fishing guide. One of his customers who we lease hunting land from, is a contractor. He stopped by, took a look at the place and decided he was taking on The Barracks as his own personal project. He has called in personal favors to help reduce to the price of materials for us, sometimes getting them for us for free (or at least for a fishing trip- all our lighting was done for a fishing trip thanks to him!) This man is a God-send!!! So between his personal favors and my husband’s bartered fishing trips for labor and sometimes for materials, my husband’s mom, who was the beneficiary of his dad’s estate, helped us financially when we needed it. God has blessed us abundantly!

I’m sitting here and we have everything done with the exception of the kitchen and even some of it is done. The cabinets are being worked on now, they just aren’t ready yet. How amazing is that? We got our central heating and air for a fishing trip. Our bathroom tile, both for the tile and the labor to have it installed was the cost of a fishing trip. We bought paint, mud, lumber, those kinds of things…..but the labor was bartered. In the living room and kitchen area we have tongue in groove pine. Yes, we paid for that.  But to insulate the house, a gentleman had a bunch of it he was getting rid of, we just had to go pick it up. How amazing is that? God’s hand has been in every step of this renovation and it is so very humbling.

Once it is completely finished and we have all the finishing touches (we don’t even have all the curtains hung yet) I will try to figure out how to share some before and after photos. They will simply amaze you.


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